Web-Time Entry

Students may submit their hours worked by clicking on the MyTSUWeb link in the top right corner of the page.  Instructions on how to enter time located in Section 14.0 of the Work-Study Success Guide.

Once a student worker has successfully submitted hours worked, the supervisor may make corrections, return or approve the time submitted by clicking on MyTSUWeb.  Instructions for Supervisor web-time entry is located in Section 15.0 of the Work-Study Success Guide.

2020  Payroll Due Date

Month Pay Date Student Webtime Supervisor Approval
September 10/01/2019  09/17/2019 09/18/2019 
October 11/1/2019  10/21/2019  10/22/2019
November 12/02/2019  11/17/2019  11/18/2019 
December 01/02/2020 12/11/2019  12/12/2019 
January 02/03/2020 01/21/2020 01/22/2020 
February 03/02/2020  02/18/2020 02/19/2020
March 04/01/2020  03/16/2020 03/17/2020
April 05/01/2020 04/17/2020  04/20/2020
May 06/01/2020 05/19/2020 05/20/2020
June 07/01/2020  06/18/2020 06/19/2020
July 08/03/2020 07/20/2020 07/21/2020
August 09/01/2019 08/18/2020 08/19/2020

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*Dates are tentative and subject to change at any time. 

Students - Time must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm on due date.

Supervisors - Time must be approved no later than 2:00 pm on the due date.

Failure to submit your time by the scheduled deadline will result in a delayed payment for the following month.


Student & Supervisors - Below you will find important dates to remember for the academic school year.  Please print and post in your work areas.

2019-2020 Academic/Holiday Calendar

Dates are tentative and subject to change at any time.


Work-Study students receive their payments on the first business day of the month.  Please ensure that you have a current and valid US mailing address in the MyTSUWeb system. This is to ensure proper distribution of funds. It is recommended that work-study students enroll in Direct Deposit. Please visit Student Accounting to add or update direct deposit information.

Hourly Pay Rates

Effective August 1, 2012, the Office of Student Financial Assistance has established a Pay Rate Guide for all work-study students.  The pay structure will create consistency in how work-study students are paid, commensurating with experience and job function.  It reflects three levels of work-study job assignments to reflect skill and experience.

The pay scale promotes equity in administering student work-study pay.  Supervisors determine the student's hourly rate of pay based on the scale.  The student should contact his/her supervisor to resolve any questions regarding hourly rates.

Click to view the Work-Study Pay Rate Guide.

Dismissal from the Work-Study Program

Please note that the forging of timesheets is considered falsification of a legal document.  Any student who falsifies a time sheet will be dismissed from the work-study program and be responsible for paying back any monies which may have been issued.