The Office of Research employs the online TOPAZ Technology system for the protocol submission, review and approval processes for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Therefore, all faculty, staff and students who are currently, or are planning to use animals or human subjects must log on to submit their applications to the respective committee. The Office of Research communicates the decision of all research compliance committees to the investigator via the TOPAZ system, hard copy and/or e-mail. For inquiries about TOPAZ or to request access, contact Ms. Rhonni E. Dixon, Project Coordinator, at, or at 713-313-4301.

TOPAZ Training Online Sessions for Human Subjects & Data Research Protocols

Students, faculty and staff conducting human subjects research or using secondary data for research may now obtain the TOPAZ training through online videos. Users may click on the link to the video session first, then complete the online assessment. The following sessions and assessments are required, and the TOPAZ account will be created once users successfully complete all of the required assessments. Results of the assessment will be immediately e-mailed to the participant's valid TSU e-mail account and to the Office of Research.

Training Online Sessions
Session Name Video Link Assessment Link
Part I-Human Subjects Research Compliance Part I Session Part I Assessment
Part II-About the TOPAZ System Part II Session Part II Assessment
Part III-Creating the Protocol Part III Session Part III Assessment
Part IV-Informed Consent Part IV Session Part IV Assessment
Part V-The Pre-Submission Part V Session Part V Assessment

Session for Faculty Pre-Submission Reviewers

For faculty who must conduct the protocol pre-submission review, a training video and online assessment are now available. The video demonstrates how to review the protocol. For access, faculty must watch the video, then complete the online assessment with a passing score of at least 80%. Click on the links below:

Faculty Pre-Submission Review of IRB Protocols (Video)

Faculty Pre-Submission Review of IRB Protocols (Required Assessment)


"Creating Animal Protocols" online video. The training video (and assessment) for creating animal research protocols is now available for viewing. New animal research investigators may view the video, then upon successful completion of the assessment, receive access to TOPAZ. Click on the following "Creating Animal Protocols" links.



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