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Mission & Responsibilities

The mission of the department of Research Enhancement and Compliance Services (RECS) of the Division of Research and Innovation (DRI) is two-fold in the responsibility to ensure research compliance with internal policies and federal governing agency regulations, and the responsibility to provide an environment that supports research advancements for the research community of Texas Southern University (TSU).

The achievement of university goals are supported via the following RECS functions:

  • Coordinates and oversees the award and procurement processes for internal seed grants, start-up funds and travel grants.Relative to faculty development research award processes, the department provides oversight for and facilitates the activities of the Faculty Development Committee, and the University Research Committee. The faculty development grant programs support university goals by providing research support to students, faculty and staff.
  • Manages and provides administrative support and facilitates the activities of the University Research Compliance Committees (URCC's).The URCC's include the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, the Committee for Protection of Human Subjects, the Radiation Safety Committee, the Chemical and Biological Safety Committee.
  • Serves as liaison between researchers and the (URCC's), and facilitates and coordinates the protocol submission, review and management processes. In this regard, the RECS is responsible for screening all protocols presented to the committee to recommend the protocol for non review, expedited review or full committee review. RECS also serves as liaison between the URCC's, the Provost, Deans, faculty members and students.
  • Ascertains that all federally required inspections, evaluations and program reviews are conducted and that all internal and external reporting is done efficiently and effectively.To this end, the operations of the Animal Care Facilities in the Spurgeon Gray Hall Pharmacy building and the TSU Science Building are managed by the RECS.
  • Coordinates faculty development URCC workshops, seminars, training sessions and research enhancement programs such as, the annual Research Week Program.

Do you have a question about the protocol review and approval process?
Contact Dr. Frank Caspa at njekeh.caspa@tsu.edu.