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What is TSI?

TSI is an acronym that represents Texas Success Initiative. The TSI Assessment is a State of Texas mandated program. The TSI Assessment test is a diagnostic assessment used to determine college readiness in the areas of reading, mathematics. This program also will help determine what type of course or intervention will best meet students’ needs to help them better prepared for college-level course.

TSI test scores are not used to determine admissions status; however, entering students must test before enrolling in college-level courses at any Texas public institution of higher education. Students who have tested but have not attained the established minimum scores on one or more sections of the test are required by Texas Law to obtain TSI advisement and enroll in a formal program of skills development each semester until they are deemed TSI complete for all sections of the test.

Who is required to take the TSI assessment?

First-time Freshmen and Non-Resident Transfer Students.

What are the minimum scores needed for a student to enroll in college level courses?

Click Here for The Minimum Scores

How does the documentation of the TSI test scores look?

Click Here for Documentation of the TSI Test Scores Look 

May a student be exempt from the TSI Assessment? 

Yes, click here for the Detailed Exemptions.

If you have taken the TSI Assessment at a different institution and would like to request those test scores

Texas Success Initiative

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Contact Information
Stephanie Neveu
TSI Coordinator/Data Analyst
Phone: 713-313-6886
Email: stephanie.neveu@tsu.edu