The Office of Information Technology facilitates training for students, faculty, and staff on a wide range of technology-related subjects. Training saves time and money, fosters a competitive edge, boosts confidence, and serves as a source of team building. OIT’s trainers can improve knowledge of current tools and reduce the learning curve associated with getting acquainted with new technology.

TSU can offer best-in-class technology, but if people don’t understand how to use it, the value is lost. That’s why choosing the right delivery method is vital to the audience’s engagement and a successful outcome. Training can be delivered using one or a blend of the following ways:

Web-Based Training / E-Learning

Training Sessions

Instructor-led Training

  • Classroom
  • Open Forum
  • One-on-one
  • Small Groups


Blended solutions

  • Deliver a mix of E-learning, classroom instruction, tools, and resources

OIT is happy to coordinate with outside vendors to deliver product-specific training.

If you or your department has a specific technology-related training need, please complete the form below. Our OIT Trainers will respond to your request shortly.