Message from the Dean

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Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences (COLABS) at Texas Southern University!!!

COLABS is the heart of all education at TSU: we provide the majority of the General Education courses. In other words, every student will spend a significant amount of time taking COLABS courses before moving on to pursue specialized coursework in his or her selected major. COLABS courses equip students with the competencies, skills, and tools needed to be successful in every major at TSU.

COLABS departments include English, Foreign Languages, History & General Studies, Human Services and Consumer Sciences, Music, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Visual and Performing Arts. With 9 departments offering 12 majors and 18 minors, COLABS is, by far, the most instructionally diverse college at TSU. We also claim to have the most intellectually engaging and rewarding courses at the university.

Choosing a major is the most important decision you will make in college. Please choose one that aligns with your passions, talents, and academic strengths. If you love what you do, financial success will certainly follow. COLABS majors and minors satisfy the interests of those committed to: 1)social and economic justice, 2)racial and gender equality, 3)improving the lives and mental health of individuals in our community, 4)strengthening our families and communities, 5)solving social problems, 6) engaging with global economies, societies, and cultures, or 7)inspiring others through artistic creation and expression. If any of these issues seem like something you would like to spend your life pursuing, please consider a COLABS major. This college also prepares students for graduate and professional schools. Currently, we have five Master’s degree programs in English, History, Human Services and Consumer Sciences, Psychology, and Sociology.

COLABS has a huge asset in its faculty. Our professors are well-published and many have achieved distinction in their fields. We are proud to say that they have written award-winning books and articles, composed and directed internationally acclaimed scores, performances, and productions, appeared on PBS documentaries, earned state and federal grants, and served on prestigious advisory boards. They have accomplished much, yet always generously give their time to mentor students. In this college, we know what matters most.

The talent in this college runs deep; our commitment to educating, mentoring, and developing students runs even deeper. COLABS is proud to claim as our own the nationally renowned Ocean of Soul Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, University Choir, and a host of other performing groups. The College of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences is also home to the University Museum, which we believe is the best museum on any college campus in the nation.

We have much for which to be proud, but nothing more than our alumni. They are a living testament to the quality of our education and how far a COLABS degree can take you. If you would like to know more, please visit the pages of each of our departments. If you have more questions, we encourage you to see the Chairs of these departments.


Best Wishes,

Dr. Jason Oby,
Interim Dean