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Welcome to the Department of English & Foreign Languages

The Department of English & Foreign Languages offers students the unique opportunity to write not only their own future but the future of the world.

At TSU students take part in one of the most dynamic centers of education to gain the needed insights, tools, and experience to become successful professionals in many areas of pursuit. The tools you gain at TSU help you to write your very own important future. Employers seek applicants who can communicate clearly and effectively.

Students will experience the intensity of and insights into imaginative literature, crucial encounters that will forever change their lives and help them shape the world ahead of them. These works cover every form of literature, from ancient epics by Homer, to the drama by Shakespeare, to poetry by Keats and Shelley, to Modernism by Richard Wright and Virginia Woolf, and to contemporary writers like Toni Morrison.

Our programs showcase classes in a broad spectrum of literature, fiction, and nonfiction writing, technical writing, literary theory, dramatic literature, and composition and grammar. Students will become adept at effective and persuasive writing.

The department is led by highly talented and concerned professors who relate directly and meaningfully with students every day. We have a hands-on approach to advising, which minimizes the time to complete a degree as well as guide students toward a path of advanced education. The department prides itself on fostering exceptional creative as well as critical writing and thinking skills. Students grow to gain a mastery over the analysis of key literary works in terms of their cultural, political, and historical diversity. It is through literary works of the past and presents that students today come to visualize the world of tomorrow.

Why an English degree? With an English degree from Texas Southern University, students will be prepared for a variety of important jobs or career paths. The degree offers a great range of versatility. An English degree will provide an invaluable set of skills and core competencies in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and creativity. Previous English graduates have excelled as published authors, teachers, professors, lawyers, government specialists, communication experts, journalists, marketing specialists, public relations professionals, editors, and a host of other careers.

Come to the English & Foreign Languages Department at Texas Southern University where you can literally write your own future.