Welcome to the Department of Visual and Performing Arts

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts represents the consolidation of two of the academic disciplines devoted to creative endeavors at the University: Art and Theatre. Through its highly trained and experienced faculty members, in-depth courses are offered to prepare majors for successful careers. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degrees in Art and Theatre are offered along with the B.A. Degree in Art with a Minor or with Teacher Certification and the B.A. in Theatre with a Minor. Also available is a Minor in Art for students pursuing undergraduate degrees in other departments. Members of the Department and departmental facilities are housed among two structures: The John T. Biggers Art Building and the University Auditorium/Ollington-Smith Playhouse.


The primary mission of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts is to provide students with aesthetically enriched academic experiences in art and theatre. These two disciplines are taught and applied independently, meaning that students in either area receive the total attention and art direction they want and deserve.

In the area of Visual Arts, foundation studies, theories, and creativity are the basis of an extensive program in which includes design, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, painting, sculpture, and exhibitions.

Theatre study experiences include plays, technical staging solo performances. Curricular offerings in both areas are designed to produce professional artists, performers and directors as well as provide a broad liberal arts education for Bachelor of Arts majors. Students are provided with a strong undergraduate education upon which to base the pursuit to advanced or graduate study or professional careers.

Faculty members in the Department are committed to providing an educational environment where aspiring visual and performing artists and craftsmen develop in the understanding and mastering of creative techniques; where all students may gain an appreciation of the cultural, historical and educational values of the arts; and where cultural awareness translates to the community.