Darryl King

Darryl King, Co-founder and CEO, of the Principle Partnering Group, LLC. (PPG) leads and directs the firm’s activities in all aspects of vision casting, program development and optimum resource delegation. The firm is a premiere management consulting organization with an unsurpassed track record in helping companies of all sizes establish, manage, and maintain successful business-to-business collaborations. The firm offers objective solutions, effective project management, and strategic support services across all business segments.

PPG currently serves as the Program Advisor for Parsons Transportation in support of the METRO Light Rail Project. Mr. King conducts program oversight as he leads the PPG team toward successful implementation of program policies and procedures for the METRO Solutions 2 LRT Project’s SBE/DBE Program in support of the Prime Contractor’s, Parsons Transportation Group, SBE/DBE management team. Together, PPG and the Parsons team work collaboratively such that all stakeholders are informed about the progress of the METRO Solutions 2 LRT Project’s SBE/DBE program. As the CEO of The Principle Partnering Group, Mr. King ensures that resources are in place such that PPG serves as a liaison between the Prime Contractor and the actual and potential sub-contractors in establishing and monitoring performance in pursuit of the SBE/DBE objectives. Mr. King has strategically recruited and acquired a professional team of leaders and specialists to ensure the development and implementation of outreach, 49 CFR, Part 26 compliance, monitoring, reporting, and workforce training plans designed to assist in attaining the overall METRO Solutions 2 LRT Project SBE/DBE goals.

Darryl King has more than 35 years of experience in successful business strategies, intentional community involvement and profitable business partnerships. Mr. King has quietly and consistently worked to open doors of opportunity for numerous businesses and organizations throughout the Houston metropolitan area. His efforts have not gone unrecognized as he was appointed and effectively positioned on statewide boards, as well as positions of local leadership, over the past 25 years.

Mr. King is as an advocate for the economically disadvantaged and minority communities. He is a specialist in outreach to African American businesses, churches, community and neighborhood organizations in the Houston metropolitan area. Mr. King has served as Chairman of the Houston Area Urban League, Greater Houston Area Hotel & Motel Association Board Member, Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau Board Secretary, Board Vice-Chairman and Board Chairman, Foxshire Development Board Chairman, Houston Superbowl XXXVIII Host Committee, former mayor-appointed Houston Clean Commission Commissioner, and former- governor appointed Coastal Water Authority Board Member.