Earl Cummings

Since 2001, Mr. Cummings has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the BTS Team, the parent company of BestAssets, Inc. and SIRVIST, LLC. Originally created as an information technology and staffing company in 1995, the BTS Team now invests financial resources in various industries to create real value for its shareholders. As a leadership philosophy, Mr. Cummings builds executive teams around talent, execution, and community service.

In 2010, the BTS Team acquired a 50 percent stake in ”SIRVIST, LLC” which provides business consulting and staffing services to Fortune 1000 in the areas of information technology, engineering, and e-discovery. As chairman of the Board of this venture, he has developed a strong executive team and board culture around integrity, commitment, and adaptability.

Since 2000, Mr. Cummings has directed financial resources in single-family real estate owned properties through BestAssets, Inc. where he has served various roles. In 2000, he purchased 51 percent interest in a joint venture between the BTS Team and CitiWest Inc. and served as Managing Partner. As managing partner, he developed an executive leadership team that increased closing performance each year more than 25 percent. Sales in 2000 were estimated $194 million. By 2004, the venture’s annual closing sales were more than $450 million.

In 2004, he secured a 60 percent stake in a joint venture between the BTS Team and Harrington, Moran, and Barksdale, Inc. where he provided operation and management consulting. Through his leadership, the venture maintained more than 8,000 assets each month, providing annual closing sales od $600 million. In June 2010, he led the proposal team in BestAssets that secured a contract valued at $90 million over the next 5 years, managing 340 assets in 8 states in the Midwest for FHA. In the first year of performance the venture had closing sales of $30 million per month.

Mr. Cummings has developed a comprehensive strategy to acquire more than 10,000 assets that will be maintained and sold through BestAssets. Mr. Cummings leads the team that has gone to market to acquire $350 million to fund the ventures nationwide acquisition.