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Julian Kane My name is Julian Kane. In December 2013, I received my bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication with a focus in Radio, Television, and Film and a minor in Geography from Texas Southern University (TSU). As a TSU student, I participated on the TSU Debate Team. My first assignment overseas was performing dramatic interpretation and oratory speeches in various locations throughout Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. When I boarded the plane on July 15, 2009 headed for Dar es Salaam, I was terrified. My fear was not of the plane or of stage fright. What I had was a fear induced by the media as a result of the stereotypical images of children with frail bones protruding through their bodies, widespread HIV/AIDS, and rampant violence and wars.However, when I arrived I did not witness the Africa portrayed in the media. The Africa I saw was of an Africa I did not expect to see. Although I did witness hardships and poverty, the people were friendly and prideful, the landscapes were breathtaking, and everyone had a sense of wisdom I had not witnessed before in my life

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