FAQs - General

Where are the student accounting and the registrar’s offices located?  Open
How do I sign a financial aid deferment?  Open
How can I make a payment or start an installment plan?  Open
How do I speak to my Financial Aid Advisor?  Open
What is the Fax number for Financial Aid?  Open
Can I drop financial aid documents off without waiting in line?  Open
How do I get my 1098 tax forms?  Open
Do we have to accept the student loans?  Open
When are my loans going to pay out to my account?  Open
How do I complete Entrance or Exit Counseling?  Open
How do I sign a Master Promissory note (MPN)?  Open
How do I receive my refund?  Open
How can I set an appointment with Financial Aid?  Open
Do I need any applications in addition to the FAFSA to apply for Financial Aid?  Open
Didn’t the federal government already send my money when I filed the FAFSA? Why are you asking for additional information?  Open
Do I have to submit a FAFSA each year?  Open
How long does it take FASFA to process?  Open
Why was I selected for Verification?  Open
How do I know I need Additional Documents?  Open
How do I know how much financial aid I have been awarded?  Open
How do I know when my awards are paid to my account?  Open
Why should I fill out a SAP APPEAL form?  Open
SAP Appeal Committee  Open

FAQs - For Parents

How do I complete the FAFSA?  Open
How do I know what is missing from my file?  Open
How do I know when the financial aid file has been awarded?  Open
Does my student have to accept the loans included in the award package?  Open
What is the Federal Parent Loan?  Open