Lighting project will improve campus safety

Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2016

Students walking on campus after sundown for night classes, extra-curricular activities or to socialize will see a big difference in their commute from location to location.

TSU’s Department of Facilities and Maintenance, along with Highlights Electrical of Houston, began a campus-wide upgrade on Monday to increase the University’s exterior lighting along all of its common areas and walkways. The nine-week project will replace 556 existing fixtures with brighter LED lights. TSU students, faculty and staff will experience a higher measure of safety through more uniform lighting. The switch to LED fixtures will improve campus aesthetics and security, and save the university money through energy savings.       

“Come September, anyone moving around the campus at night will be amazed at how well lit the campus is,” said Tim Rychlec, executive director of Facilities and Maintenance. “Our students will see the difference immediately and should feel safe knowing that they can see and be seen as they travel around campus.” 

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