Student Health Services Uses Telemedicine in Wake of COVID-19

Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2020


As students returned home in March due to novel coronavirus, the staff of Texas Southern University’s Student Health Services (SHS) made it their mission to provide remote telemedicine services. SHS provides health-related outreach for the campus and is the department responsible for managing the immunization requirements for the university.

Since it began practicing telemedicine, over 300 students have utilized their services. The nursing staff became available for students who need help with turning in immunization records, and for help with general health-related questions. Students who need medical care are assessed by the nursing staff and encouraged to schedule a virtual visit with the nurse practitioner or the university physician, if necessary.

“Since we have gone to remote operations, we have been busy keeping the TSU community armed with updated information about staying safe and staying well,” said Feloniece Davis-Marsaw, executive director of SHS.

TSU recently activated a COVID-19 hotline and email account. The hotline is for self-reporting positive COVID-19 cases and can be reached at (713) 313-5099. The email,, was set up to address general questions about COVID-19. Davis-Marsaw said the implementation of the hotline and the email account will help in the efforts to keep TSU healthy.

For current and incoming students inquiring about immunization records, current students who have submitted records can logon to the My Tiger Health Patient Portal to print out a copy of their immunization records. Incoming students can submit immunization records online through the My Tiger Health Patient Portal at

Not only is SHS helping the TSU community, students are helping them share information about what SHS has to offer. Peer Advocates for Wellness (PAWs) volunteers are students who assist with campus-wide health promotions. SHS advisor Aimy Burrows shares information with PAW members about how to stay safe during a pandemic and what they can do to assist their communities. Before TSU transitioned to online instruction, one of their last tasks was hanging up posters around campus, making students aware of COVID-19 and promoting good health habits they should practice to stop the spread.

“As the leader of PAWs, I made it my duty to alleviate any additional stress to our members when the pandemic began, and thus I dismissed the group for the remainder of the semester so everyone can focus on their studies,” said Burrows. “I continue to communicate with members despite our dismissal to ensure they are doing well.”

Burrows continues to share information regarding testing facilities, symptoms, prevention tips, as well as supportive messages encouraging students to stay safe during this time. Along with the COVID-19 content, she is also posting information about sexual health, immunizations, Lupus, and the importance of being environmentally conscious.

In the spirt of health promotions, SHS has a new feature called College Health TV on their webpage. This feature will offer a catalog of videos focusing on health-related topics such as school-life balance, how to wear and clean face masks, food and nutrition, and much more.

To contact Student Health Services:

  • Call (713) 313-7173
  • Visit them online at
  • Follow them on Instagram @txsupaws.

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