For Faculty

One of the goals of the English Department and the Tiger Writing Lab is to provide writing assistance to students in all disciplines across campus. The Tiger Writing Lab will provide them with writing techniques that will allow them to edit their papers independently before submission. With the assistance of English faculty and trained graduate students, the Tiger Writing Lab will provide one-on-one or group sessions that will allow students to grow as independent writers and editors.

Tiger Writing Lab Syllabus Insert

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The MTM Tiger Writing Lab, located on the 2nd floor of MLK, Room 252, is a free open computer lab that offers tutorial services at any level in the writing process to all currently enrolled TSU students. Faculty and students are encouraged to utilize the lab services at any stage in their writing process, such as understanding the assignment directions, drafting the paper, and checking to see that the assignment and project specifically meet the directions assigned by the professor. Finally, our tutors can specifically assist in developing and editing stages and adhering to format and style guides (e.g., MLA, APA, and Chicago).