Campus Organizations

On the campus of Texas Southern University, Campus Organizations and Greek Life represent the most visible and accessible avenue to student involvement and campus life. There are over 130 organizations and clubs available to meet the interests and needs of a very diverse student body. These include, but are not limited to, professional, social, multi-cultural, political, religious, and community service organizations.

Opportunities are provided to benefit students for a lifetime and enrich their higher education experiences by integrating academic accomplishments with extracurricular activities.

Greek Life at TSU remains an integral part of our campus culture. The fraternities and sororities at Texas Southern University promote academics, leadership, community service, brotherhood and sisterhood. Each organization is required to adhere to its mission and principles. TSU is comprised of three Greek organization councils: National Pan-Hellenic Council, Independent Greek Organization Council, and the Multi-Cultural Greek Council. Membership in these organizations are a lifetime commitment and in return, members will make lifelong memories and brothers and sisters.

Involvement in a TSU campus organization prepares its members for productive careers, builds character, develops leadership skills, contributes to their marketability and establishes lifelong bonds with fellow students.

Registered Campus Organizations By Category

College of Education  Open
College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Sciences  Open
College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences  Open
College of Science & Technology  Open
Cultural  Open
Fashion  Open
Jesse H. Jones School of Business  Open
Multi-Cultural Greek Council  Open
Mutual Interest  Open
National Pan-Hellenic Council  Open
Independent Greek Council  Open
Professional  Open
School of Communication  Open
Spiritual  Open
Sports & Recreational  Open
Thomas F. Freeman Honors College  Open