Welcome to the Office of Student Conduct

The Student Conduct process is administered by the Enrollment and Student Success Division. The office favors a holistic approach to helping students reach their fullest potential. The Student Conduct unit is charged with the responsibility of relaying the importance of having all students abide by the rules and regulations of Texas Southern University.

For everyone’s protection, the Student Code of Conduct can be easily accessed via the TSU website. While all affiliates of the University recognize the value in offering education, it is also vital to disseminate information regarding appropriate behavior (do’s and don’ts) for all students. The TSU Office of Student Conduct publicizes university rules and regulations campus wide through seminars, counseling and classroom presentations throughout the year.

Texas Southern University has no tolerance for fighting, drugs, and weapons. Any student who is found guilty of these violations or any other violations of the Student Code of Conduct creates a serious risk of disciplinary sanction, which may result in suspension or expulsion from the University.

All problems and concerns are important, and they are never considered too small for administrators to hear and hopefully assist you in making appropriate decisions throughout your matriculation. Information exchanged between the student and administrators during a disciplinary hearing and/or meeting is strictly confidential. Contact the Office of Student Conduct to obtain additional information regarding rules and regulations set forth by the University. Become familiar with persons administering the judicial process.

The Office of Student Conduct is located in the Student Life Center 218B. Make it a point to stop by as Student Conduct promotes and reinforces positive behavior. Remember, the Student Conduct is also here to receive any complaints that you may have concerning other students. It is our goal to assist you in following the correct procedure for reporting or responding to incidents that may affect you on the TSU campus.