Tryout Dates/Times:

  • April 22nd- 23rd 1st Annual Cheer & Dance Pre- Try-out Clinic- Location & Time : TBA
  • April 29th- 30th 2021-2022 Texas Southern University Cheerleading Team Tryouts Location & Time: TBA
  • May 6th- 7th 2021-2022 Texas Southern University Sensations Dance Team Location & Time: TBA
  • NCA& NDA Cheer and Dance Camp- July 23- 25th- Southern Methodist University, Dallas Tx
  • All Participants Need To Submit A Headshot/ Full Body Photo With Application/ Waiver (In – Person Only)
  • Bring Your Tryout Application Fee 50.00 Money Order / Cashiers Check Made Out To Texas Southern University The First Day Of Tryouts
  • Candidates Submitting Video Submission Need To Mail Their Money Order/ Cashiers Check To:

Texas Southern University, 3100 Cleburne St, Houston Tx 77004

The deadline for video submission tryouts (only for those who can't attend in-person April 29th & 30th) is April 26th 2021.

All candidates who are out of- state, who can't attend in person are welcome to review, practice, and submit their tryout videos to head coach

All virtual candidates must send in their application and money order by April 26th, 2021 for their video to be reviewed. The application packet is available to be downloaded and sent to Texas Southern University, 3100 Cleburne St, Houston Tx 77004.

Tryout Videos:

*All virtual candidates must also include in their videos their tumbling skills (standing backhandspring - back tuck & running back handspring) and their back tuck.

*All virtual candidates must also include in their best stunt (females- tik- tok, full down, double downs, libertys, dismounts etc.) (males- toss hands, toss chair& extension).


Tryout Location:

Texas Southern University Recreation Center


Day 1 Attire

Women’s Tryout Attire:

  • Grey or Black Sport Bra
  • Grey or Black Sports Shorts
  • Hair: All the way up or Half up and Half Down with white hair bow (Natural Hair Color)
  • Stud earrings may be worn.
  • No long nails

Men’s Tryout Attire:

  • Black or Grey T-Shirt
  • Grey or Black Athletic Shorts
  • Neat Grooming

Day 2 Attire

Maroon, Grey Sports Bra/ Crop Sports Top With Black Spanx Shorts With Hair In Ponytail Only With Maroon Bow

General Requirements:

  • Admission Letter of Acceptance – Incoming Students
  • 2.5 GPA or higher – Returning Students Current Head Shot Photo
  • Tryout Application (Electronically through Apply Now link)
  • Onsite Interview w/ Current Coach and Advisor

Tryout Requirements:

Previous cheer-leading experience is recommended (High school level or All-star)

Must have stunting ability/skills Tumbling – Minimum standing back tuck and running back handspring back tuck


  • Toe Touch, Pike, Triple Jump Combination
  • Co-ed Stunts (male): Toss chair (minimum) and optional stunt
  • Partner stunts (female): best stunt
  • One (1) Cheer – taught during clinic
  • One(1) Chant – taught during clinic
  • Fight Song – taught during clinic

Mascot Tryout Requirements (Male and Female Mascots are Welcome):

ATTIRE: Tryout in Suit

Bring two (2) clean T-shirts for performance day


  • Never talk while in uniform 
  • Gesture to game situation questions asked by judges
  • Show spirit on and off performance area
  • 1:00 Minute Skit (NO MUSIC)
  • 30 Sec. Skit (w/music)
  • Props Acrobatics
  • Crowd Involvement
  • Sign Usage
  • Dance
  • Themed Performance